A New Path Chapter 3, Coffee and Toast

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Zzzt.... zzzt...... zzzt..... zzzt......zzzt......zzzt.......zzzt...

Rolling over, slamming my hand down on the snooze button.  Ugh!  I hate mornings!  A warm body cuddled up behind me, momentarily confusing me as to who was in bed with me.  Ben!  Turning over, pulling away from him slightly so as to look at him. His face relaxed in sleep, snuggled into the blankets, his entire body communicating one of comfort and peace.  His hair mussy, stubble covering his face, looking so damned cute.

Laying next to Ben, drinking in the awareness of last night, how it meant something to us both more than just a mindless coupling. We connected on many different levels, not just the physical plane.  How could he have been alone for so very long, and then in a few short hours, found someone that seemed to fit him perfectly?

 How on earth was this going to work?  Wouldn't Ben always be pulled between choosing spending time between the two of us?  Dividing time between the two houses, it would be awkward for Ben to keep rotating partners.  He had been vague last night about how this was all going to work.... Was I getting ahead of myself?  Could I be reading more into this than just a one night stand?  Was I going to be nothing more than a getting your feet wet experience?

Head spinning, thoughts whirling around and around and around, getting messier with every spin.  Just about the time I had to get up, or risk being late, Ben opened his eyes, a perplexed look on his face, before remembrance flooded his face.  Bringing the sun shine glow back to his face, smiling at me with joy in his eyes.

"Hey, I have ta get up, or I am going to be late, sorry."

"No, it's fine.  Go jump in the shower."

Derrick leaned in for a quick kiss, umm if only every morning could start this way!  Rolling out of bed, feet hitting the floor with a thud, hearing a whistle from Ben, and just to tease him, wagged his ass at him as he left for the shower.  Getting out of the shower, drying off, brushing teeth, done!  Hurrying back to the bedroom only to find the bed empty, had he left already? A popped balloon doesn't deflate as fast as his spirits did upon the sight of the empty room.  Getting his clean work clothes from the dryer, he heard sounds in the kitchen, and just that quickly his heart balloon was full and tugging on the end of the string, wanting to fly free in his sky of love.

Flashing into his clothes, grabbing a beanie, bandana and wool socks, and flew down the hallway.  Rounding the corner into the kitchen, was a vision both endearing and sexy as hell.  Ben was making breakfast in boxers, my boxers!  They were slightly to big and were drooping ever so sexily over his ass, the top of his crack exposed.  Hot!

 Hearing Derrick behind him, Ben turned and grinned.  "Hope you don't mind, but I hate wearing dirty underwear.  Coffee should be done in a minute or so.  I hope you like scrambled eggs.  Butter, jam or both on your toast?"

"You can wear my boxers any time you want."  Coming up behind Ben, kissing his cheek, moving his face down to  nuzzle his neck, causing Ben to laugh and attempt to jerk away, but Derrick had him pinned between himself and the stove.  "Thanks for breakfast, and I will do my toast.  I am a picky toast eater."

"Me too!  Abby puts so much butter on my toast, I can't eat it!  Nasty!  And then she skimps on the jam!  Here, your eggs are ready.  Go sit down, I'll get your coffee.  How do you take it?"

"Only half coffee, milk to fill the rest of the cup, and 4 sugars."

Ben started chuckling, "You drink your coffee like a girl!"

"Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh.  If I don't add the milk it eats through my stomach, and I like things sweet. Deal with it.  Hey!  These eggs are great!"

"It is one of the few things I can cook, that I get right each and every time.  What time do you get off tonight?"

"I work 6 to 6.  Shit!  I have only a few minutes left before I have to jet!  While I get ready, write your cell number down will ya?  When is a good time for us to talk today?  My lunch is from 12:15 to 12:45."  Derrick was pulling on his socks, stuffing his bandana in his back pocket, gathering up his keys and phone.

"Anytime between 12 and 1 will be good for me.  Here is my number.  Stuffing the paper into Derrick's front pocket.

Growling low in his throat Derrick pulled Ben to him, "Come here you.  Give me a kiss sexy man.  Sorry, but I gotta go.  Man, all I wanna do is stay home with you!"  Kissing Ben long, with a great deal of feeling, their desire instantly awakened.

Pushing Derrick away from him, grinning at him, "Go!  I will call a taxi to take me back to my car.  I'll clean up before I leave."

"No, that's silly. Take my car home and we will trade later."  Opening the carabiner, he used as a key ring, pulling off a key.  Handing it to Ben, he looked up and saw the clock on the kitchen wall.  "Shit!  I am going to be late!"

Running out the front door, Derrick sprinted across the parking lot, jumped into his truck, revved the engine and was gone.

Ben stepped away from the window, and quickly washed up the dishes.  Going into the bedroom, he made the bed, and got dressed, picking up his used boxers.  Gathering his wallet, keys and phone from the coffee table in the living room, he paused to look around.  How in the hell had his life changed completely in such a small amount of time?  Locking the door behind him, he walked across the parking lot, still bemused at how this morning had no resemblance to any morning he could remember.  Driving home, he replayed the entire episode from the time he came home from work and began drinking yesterday afternoon, until Derrick ran out of the house this morning.  Was there anything about the last day that was recognizable in any way to his previous life?  If there was, it had to be Abby.

Pulling into the driveway, being careful to park out of the way of Abby's car, getting out he looked around him.  Why does everything seem different to him?  Before he could get his keys out to unlock the front door, it was ripped open by Abby.  Who took one look at him and pulled him into the house.

"Well!  Tell me about him!  I need details!  How old is he?  What does he look like?  What is his name?  Come on!  Start talking!"

Ben started laughing, "Baby?  If you want answers you have to hush.  Give me a hug.  I missed you."  Opening his arms, wrapping her tightly to him, kissing her hair.  "Hey, look at me will ya?"  When Abby tipped her head back, Ben reached down and kissed her, and a spark jumped between them.

"Wanna?"  Abby murmured  against his lips.

"Are you sure?"

"Umm, very sure."

Pushing Ben towards the bench in the hallway, she started working on the buttons on his shirt.  Getting his shirt open, she was satisfied, and moved on to his pants.  Opening his jeans, she noticed boxers that weren't Ben's, and a size to big.  Ben had Abby's robe open and was running his hands free over her back and began kneading her ass.  Abby's ass was soft and luscious, so completely different from Derrick's muscular and taut ass.

Getting Ben's jeans undone, pushing them down enough to get her hand around his cock, she began to stroke him to hardness.  Pulling Abby's robe off of her, he pushed his jeans down and sat on the bench, pulling her to straddle him.  Suckling her nipple, pulling strongly on it, causing her to ripple and gasp.  Rubbing the other nipple, tweaking at odd moments, pulling her into desire by the rough almost painful way she enjoyed.  Letting loose of her nipple, he ran a hand down to her pussy, finding it dripping and very ready for him. Lifting her up, he positioned her over his cock and guided himself into her.  This coupling was rough fast and hard.  Abby rode him like the hounds of hell were pursuing them, and only the speed of their fucking could keep them safe.  Exploding into her, she came just moments later, jerking and moaning, coming to rest with her face against his neck.

Giggles escaped from Abby in spurts and fits.  Ben caught the giggles from her, and soon they were laughing so hard tears were running down their cheeks.

Getting himself somewhat under control asking, "Do I wanna know why we have been laughing our heads off?"

"All I could think of was an infomercial!"  Giggles bubbling over again, finally running down, she tried again, "Trouble in your marriage?  Have your husband go to bed with a hot, hot man!  It will clear up any problem areas like magic!"  She dissolved into giggles again.

Kissing the tip of her nose, her forehead, and then her chin saying, "Let's go shower."  And before she could start up with the 20 questions he added, "While we are eating breakfast, I will tell you everything you want to know."

Normally Abby loved taking long hot showers.  Not today however, she hurried him into and back of the shower before he was even sure he had managed to get wet.  Hustled him through getting dressed.  Pulling on dress pants a sweater, and a pair of flats,  combing her hair into a no effort pony tail.  Grabbing the first pair of earrings in the box, and she was dressed.  Pushing and pulling him along into the kitchen while he was still buttoning his shirt, his tie hanging from his collar, belt buckle jingling as he walked.  Their entire time together she had never ever managed to get ready before him!  This girl wanted info and wanted it badly.

Flipping the coffee maker on she took a big breath and the barrage of questions commenced, "What's his name?"

"Derrick Addison."

"How old is he, where does he live and what does he do for a living?"

"Twenty-five, Devon Square apartments off of Oakley and Madison, and he is a welder, graduated from TSS, 7 years ago.  He moved here from Newburgh about six months ago to distance himself from a bad relationship. He is gay."

"What does he look like?  I see he is bigger than you."

"He is the same height as me, but built, from his job, not a gym.  He has black hair, it curls a tiny bit at the ends, grey eyes. When he smiles he has the cutest dimples!"

"What is apartment like?"

"Super clean.  To tell you how clean, he did laundry last night. Evidently, Tuesday is the night he washes his work clothes.  Except for an XboX and games and his computer, his rooms are rather sterile.  He doesn't date.  Hasn't been with anyone since the breakup with Tim.  Tim was unfaithful, or to put it the way Derrick did, you have to be faithful in order to be unfaithful.  He has no patience with cheaters.  When he saw my ring he was very hostile, until he knew my story."

"What did you two do last night?"

"I had ordered a burger and a beer, lost my seat at the bar, and thought he was drop dead gorgeous, decided to at least try strike up a conversation with him.  We went back to his place, because oddly enough everywhere was busy.  Sat and talked, as you can tell from all the info I know about him.  And then kissed for hours it seemed like, moved things to the bedroom and we blew each other, showered, and then cuddled until we fell asleep.  I made him breakfast before he left for work.  He is supposed to call me at lunch today."

Abby sat eating her eggs, thinking over what Ben had just told her. Still lost in thought, she surfaced at long last asking yet another round of questions, "What kind of person is he?  How do you feel about him?"

"What kind of person?"

"Yeah, how would describe his personality to me."

"Well, he is kind, very kind.  Gentle, truthful, considerate of others, and a strong sense of values.  How do I feel about him?  Honestly?  Falling in love with him.  I know it seems to quick, but there is some sort of connection between us, we just fit together,  Exactly the same way you and I fit together.  Remember the first time we met?  We knew right then, that we belonged together forever, and well, that is how I feel about him."  Sitting silent for a moment he cleared his throat and asked, "You do still know I love you, right?  I love you as much as when I left the house yesterday."

"Yeah, no doubts.  I need to leave for work early this morning.  Some last minute paperwork that I need to fax to the east coast before 10 their time.  I'll call you before Derrick calls at lunch.  Love you!  Kiss?"  Embracing Abby, he tried to demonstrate all the love he felt for her in his goodbye kiss.  Melting against him, thoroughly enjoying the kiss, it started to get quite heated, until her cell phone alarm beeped.  Warning her it was time to leave  Groaning with aggravation at having to cut things short, she pulled away with a rueful smile and was through the garage door before he could get his bearings.

And for the second time that morning, he was left alone in a kitchen, with the remains of breakfast on the table. The second time he had kissed someone goodbye this morning.   Mirror images, that was what his day had been so far this morning!  Identical reflections of a couple spending a few minutes together, before the busyness of a workday began.  Gradually a glowing orb of joy filled his entire being.  He had a wife he loved completely, and she loved him the same way.  To be honest, he had lost his heart to Derrick last night.  If he was a betting man, he would place a wager on Derrick feeling the same way.  For the first time in his entire adult life, he felt complete, whole.  Both sides of him were fulfilled, nothing hidden, nothing festering, clean of angst, perfectly happy.

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