A New Path, chapter 9, Steak on the Grill


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"Hey sweetie, come on time to wake up."  I had gotten back into bed to wake her up, and was snuggled up to her.  I got a sleepy dopy smile from her, as she sighed and wriggled in closer.  Oh, how warm and sweet she is.  Could it get any more  wonderful than this?  Every morning I will get to wake up two people I love, and enjoy their warm not completely awake smiles and kisses.  Sharing peaceful breakfasts together.  Just two of us at a time, what a wonderful way to connect before our days pull us into three different directions.

Abby blinked her eyes trying to clear them of sleep, and suddenly lifted up and looked around.  "Where's Derrick?  Did he leave already?"


"Oh!  I didn't get to tell him good-bye."

"It's ok.  You can tell him good-bye when he comes home tonight.  How does that sound?"

"It sounds silly!  But, I like it!  I can just imagine his face when he comes home, and hears me say 'Good-bye Derrick!'"  Abby's face sobered for a moment, "No, I can't do that, he would think that I meant it.  I don't want to hurt him anymore.  Did you say he is coming home tonight?  Here?"

"Yes, I did.  I think things went well last night, with all of us together, don't you?"

"Yeah, it was nice.  But, now I have two people to gang up on me and tickle me to death."

"I'll let you in on a secret.  Derrick is very ticklish."

"Ohhhh!  He is so gonna get himself tickled!"  Abby fell quiet for a few moments, and then suddenly shot straight up out of my arms, turning with an wide surprised look on her face.  "Did we umm, I mean all of us.... like.... do it?  Or was that some perverted dream I had?"

I sat up and pulled her up into my lap, "No, honey that really happened.  Are you ok with it?"

".............. I guess so.............. it wasn't as weird as I thought it might be.  But, then I didn't have my clothes off either.... and he couldn't see anything.  Dearest?  Could we hold off on the, umm naked sex with Derrick, please?"

"Absolutely!  But we do need to figure out a way to arrange our sex lives.  And you,"  I leaned forward and kissed Abby on her nose, "have been picked to decide how all this will work."

"Me?  Why me?  Shouldn't it be all of us?"

"Abby, out of all of us, you are loosing the most.  The only fair thing is for you to decide."

"No, no, you don't understand, I'm not loosing anything!  Well, I am loosing something, a sad husband.  But, Derrick has given me back my happy husband.  How  horrible of a wife am I, to not even notice that you were so very sad?"

"You are so not a horrible wife!  Come on wife, let's go take a shower."  Wagging my eyebrows at her I said, "And if you are a good little wife, I might make it worth your while!"

Abby giggled all the way to the shower, and while we held each other and fondled each other lightly, it wasn't a prelude for sex, but a reaffirming of how much we love each other.  While we were getting dried off and getting dressed, we couldn't stop touching each other, not with lust, but almost as a reassurance that we were still there, and wouldn't be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Our breakfast seemed..... well I guess the best way to put it, like we were on our honeymoon.  Somehow between the deep hurt of yesterday, and the realization how very close we came to loosing each other, made us that much more precious to each other. We knew what we had almost thrown away, and it had scared us.

Work was one crisis after another, running around putting out fires, lighting fires under people who forgot the reason it's called work, and not visit.  Eating lunch at my desk is something I hate, but didn't have a choice but to grab bites between phone calls and emails, frantic coworkers needing one thing or another.  When the work day finally ground to a halt a happy thought hit me.  It was Friday!  Whew!  Two whole free days off!  Hallelujah!  And to think I will be with both Abby and Derrick all weekend, together.  Not having to worry if one of them is sad, or lonely or jealous, or...... what a relief!

Dinner...... I think we have seen the end of salad for supper, with Derrick moving in!  That boy can eat!  Hum, should we go out tonight or do something here?  Not really feeling the go out and deal with more people after the day I had.  Hum, steaks on the grill sounds really  good.  I'll ask Abby when she comes home.  Pulling into the garage I was surprised to see that Abby wasn't home yet.  While I was changing out of my work clothes, the memories of us falling asleep snuggled together, filled me with happiness.  Sitting on the end of the bed changing socks, thoughts of this mornings sex over took me, washing over me in a cascade of love, joy and erotic feelings.  I don't think ever in my entire sex life had I ever felt as complete during or after sex as I did this morning.  No gaping empty place needing, wanting to be filled.  Nothing chewing, gnawing at my soul howling to be filled.  Never able to feel whole, never able to be content with what I had, feeling selfish and at times worthless.  Loving Abby, and knowing how much she loved me, but that she wasn't enough, why couldn't she be enough?  Stillness reigned within me, blessed quiet and fullness.

"Ben?  I'm home!"  Abby came clattering down the hallway, her heels making the sound she took so much pleasure in making on our wood floors.

"Hi honey!  I'm in here!"

"Damn!  I missed the best part."

"Oh, really? And what would that be?"

"The part where you get naked, silly."

"Well, you might have missed the show, but I'm all ready for mine!"

"Nope!  You have to go get the grill ready for supper."

"The grill?  What are we having?  Wait!  Are we having steaks for dinner?"

Abby gave me a funny look as she pulled her sweater off, "Yeah, why?"

I started laughing, and pulled her to me for a hug and a kiss, ok maybe thousands of kisses, "That is what I wanted for dinner too!  I was waiting for you to come home and see what you thought!"   Now we were both giggling and kissing, ahh this could get interesting...

Abby pushed me away giggling, "We don't have time for this now, go get the grill ready, I've gotta hurry up too.  Maybe later tonight?"  Then kissing me deeply and oh so sexily.

Pulling Abby back up against me I growled against her neck, "Now, not later, now."  Kissing her deeply, and passionately, I felt her resistance drop and quickly undressed her and me too.  Thirty minutes later, we were standing in the shower, thoroughly sated,  lazily kissing and washing each other.

"Umm, we really need to start dinner."

"Ok, Abby."

The coals were almost ready to grill the steaks when Derrick called.

"Hi, um got a question.  Should I shower at my place or at um........"

"Ours, shower at ours.  As in yours, mine and Abby's ours."

"Are you sure?  You've seen how dirty I get."

"No problem at all.  Come home, ok?"

"Yeah,  be their in a few.  Love ya."

"I love you too."

"Hey, Abby?  Where are you?"  I had stepped into the kitchen, where the wonderful aromas were making me even hungrier.

"I went to the bathroom!  You're worse than a kid.  What did you want?"

"Derrick is almost here, but he still has to shower, and that takes a bit, so around 30 minutes or so.  Dinner smells great!"

"Hum, then things should be done just about at the right time, as long as he doesn't dawdle.  So, does he really get that dirty?"

"Oh yeah.  Quite amazing really how dirty he does get.  Speaking of which, he will need to strip off in the garage."


I chucked at her worried look, "Only down to his boxers.  What are you making that smells so wonderful?"

"Baked potatoes, broccoli in cheese sauce, corn on the cob, salad, garlic bread."

"Huh, I thought I smelled bacon."

"You do, I didn't know if Derrick liked it in his potato or salad.  I'm actually worried if there is enough to fill him up.  I need to put the steaks in the marinade now that I know when he'll be........."  Abby shot me a confused look.

"Home, honey, he'll be home.  Do you need any help with the steaks?"

"Sure you could put the steaks in the marinade for me."

"These steaks are huge!  Wait, you bought Derrick two of these monsters?"

"Sure did!  And I baked two potatoes for him!  He will be full, if I have anything to do with it."

Chuckling at the determined expression on her face, I was about to tease her about going into a loosing battle with his stomach, when Derrick called. I stepped into the garage and hit the button to open the door for him.  I need to remember to get him a set of keys, and a garage door opener.  Derrick trudged into the garage looking totally exhausted, and very very filthy.  But, as his eyes found me in the dim lighting, he brightened up.

"Hi!  What a day!  Did you bring me a robe or something to wear?"

"No, just leave your boxers on.  It will be fine."  I leaned in for a kiss, only a small area around his nose and mouth was clean.

"Step back!  I'm covered in coal dust, and it floats and sticks to everything.  You can kiss me after I've at least wet this shit down."

"Ok, ok! I can wait, well if I have to that is!"

Derrick looked around for a place to leave his clothes, and spotted a place for a washer and dryer.  "Why don't you have a washer?"

"Huh?  Oh, we do.  But Abby didn't want it in the garage, so it's in what used to be a pantry in the kitchen."

"Now that's handy.  I can bring my washer and dryer over then when we move me in."  Derrick was now down to his boxers, "Same bathroom as last night?"


As Derrick opened the door into the kitchen, the wonderful aromas tickled his stomach causing it to loudly growl.  "Oh, it smells like heaven in here."  He stopped and just inhaled for a few seconds, with a look of bliss on his face.

"How do you liked your steak cooked?"

"Medium to medium rare."  His eyes lit up at the prospect of steak, and his stomach growled again.

"Go get cleaned up while I put the steaks on."

As Derrick walked down the hallway Abby came out of the living room and watched him go.  She turned to me with a mischievous glint in her eyes.  "Ok one, that is a very dirty guy, and two he has a fine, fine ass."

"I'm glad you approve.  Wanna sit with me while I grill the steaks?"

"Yup, I wanna, but nope I gotta finish up the rest of supper."

When Derrick emerged from the shower in a cloud of steam and clean, I had just pulled the steaks off the grill, and Abby had finished putting the rest of the meal on the table.  Everything looked and smelled delicious!

"Oh man, dinner smells so wonderful!"

"Come sit down, it's all ready.  Derrick what do you want to drink with dinner?"

"Um, is there any beer?  You don't mind me drinking at dinner do you Abby?"

"Pffft!  Of course not.  Ben, you wanna dig around in the fridge and see what we have in there?"

"Hey!  You're in luck!  Way in the back was two bottles of porter."  I opened a porter for him and a lager for me.

"No porter for you Ben?"

"Nope, you like the porter more than lager, and I like both.  Abby, would you like a glass of red wine?"

"Oh yes!"

Sitting back down at the table with everyones drinks in hand. a warm feeling of content flooded me.  How perfect is this?  Abby started passing the food around, and when the platter of steaks was handed to Derrick, I thought his eyes would fall from his head.

"Wow!  These are huge, and smell heavenly.  Abby how did you know my favorite meal?"

Giggling Abby answered, "I just guessed!  It just seemed like everything you would like.  And I know how you feel about garlic bread."

Derrick had a perplexed look on his face, as he looked at the dishes on the table.  "Did someone not show up for dinner?"

"Nope!  That is Abby's Operation Fill Derrick's Stomach!"

Laughing Derrick asked, "You bought me two of these giant steaks and two potatoes?  Really?  Awesome!"

And with that, he started digging into dinner, a look of pleasure on his face.  Talk swirled around the table in a leisurely manner, each of us offering bits and pieces of their day up for viewing and discussion.

As Abby and I finished our supper, Derrick was still going strong, and with a sheepish look on his face asked, "May I please have the last steak and potato?"

Wordlessly, Abby speared the last steak on dropped it onto Derrick's plate, and handed him the bowl with the last potato.  "Derrick?  You don't have to ask like a guest afraid to eat more than their share.  Your home, your food, ok?"

"Yeah.  I'll do the dishes.  Abby?"


"Everything was delicious!  Thank you for letting me move into your home."  As Derrick saw Abby's mouth open to speak, Derrick cut her off, "No, Abby, please listen to what I need to say to you. Ok?"  Derrick cut a piece of steak and chewed waiting for Abby to agree.  When she finally nodded her head Derrick took a quick swig of beer and continued, "I can't imagine how hard this must be for you, sharing Ben with me, and now your home too.  While I was working today, I gave this a great amount of thought, how best to make this work for all of us, but specially for you.  I have a very nice bedroom set, and if you don't mind would like to put it in the guest room.  All you have to do, is to say the word, and I will happily spend the night in there, when ever you want me to.  I enjoyed us all sleeping together last night, and I think you did to.  I understand there will be times where you don't want to share him with me, and I'm ok with that.  But, yeah there is a but here, we have to be able to be 100% honest with each other.  And there will be times when I will want Ben all to my self, and you are going to have to understand my needs too.  Do you agree with everything I've said so far?"  Ben went back to his meal, quietly eating waiting for Abby to think things over.

"I do agree with you.  It's going to be hard at times, and I know that.  Being honest is the only thing that will keep the green eyed monster of jealousy away.  And after seeing myself like that?  I never want to see that side of me again!"

"Ok.  Now for the hard question, and remember we are being open and honest with each other, right?"  Abby and Ben both nodded their heads warily.  "Are children something that you want in your future?"

Ben cleared his throat, "Yes, we have been talking about having children, but felt that we need to have our feet under us financially a bit better.  We were looking at next year, right Abby?"

"Yeah, I'll be 26 next year, I don't really want to wait much longer.  What brought this to your mind?"

"I want kids too, but they don't need to be my biological children.  The way I look at it, if you love them, they are yours, no matter what."

I reached for Derrick's hand, "If we do have children, they will be yours too."

"Yeah, of course I'll love them like my own, you don't have to worry about that."

Abby had scooted her chair closer to Derrick's, and rested her head on his back, "No, you don't understand Derrick.  One of our children will be yours."

I watched the play of expressions on Derrick's face, run from confusion to shock to joy and back to confusion.  I leaned into him and gently kissed him.  Abby was still snuggled up against his back, and now wrapped an arm around his chest.  I rested my head against his, lightly kissing his face, as he sat and attempted to process what we were offering.

"But, but, when did you two decide this?  I don't understand."

"Derrick, if we are going to make this work, we are all equal partners.  If we do have children, then why do you think they will only be from me? Ok?"

"…..ok.. but umm.....how will we….. work it??"

"How about we worry about that in the future, ok?  What is important is that you understand any children being born into our triplet will be all of ours equally.  Is that acceptable with you?"

"Yes!  Of course……. just ummm, I don't think that…….I could…with Abby."  Ben reached back and patted what he could of Abby.  "Please don't take that the wrong way Abby.  It's not you at all, just umm, never been interested in women that way."

Abby kissed Derrick's neck, "I understand totally ok?  And when the time comes we will figure something out, aright?  No matter what, we won't make  you do anything you don't feel comfortable doing, and that is a promise."

Derrick shuddered a breath in and out.  I pulled back to look at him, he was very close to tears.  "Oh baby, it's okay, it's going to just fine." Kissing his soft lips again, so very gently, "You don't ever have to do anything that makes you unhappy in our triplet, ever!  Understand?"

"Yeah, thanks.  Sorry, I'm not emotional about the sex with Abby, but that you both could love me that much that you would even offer the opportunity to have my own child!  I'm speechless!"

"We love you!  Understand?"

"I'm beginning to.  I love both of you too."

"Love, love, love, all I hear is love. But you know what sound would make me really happy?"  I looked over Derrick's shoulder to see a mischievous look in Abby's eyes.  "The sound of dishes being done!"

"If you want me to do the dishes Abby you will have to get off my back!"  Derrick started laughing an easy and happy sound that was so infectious that we all soon were laughing hard.  And even though Derrick had said he wanted to do the dishes, we all got up and started working together.  Never had the clean up went so quickly or with so happily.  Derrick washed, Abby carried to the sink, and I dried and put things away.

The three of us were sitting on the sofa watching tv, when Derrick got up to use the bathroom.  Abby watched him leave the room, and when she hear the bathroom door close, she turned to me quickly, "I want you and Derrick go back to his place and have sex."

To say that she surprised me would be the understatement of the century.  "Huh? What?"

"I want you to have sex with Derrick.  Or would here be better?"

"…..umm, well we will have to get used to having sex with you around anyway.  I'll go ask him."  I got up off the sofa and got to the hallway just as Derrick opened the door.  "Would you like to have sex here or at your old place."  Needless I shocked Derrick as much as Abby shocked me!  Chuckling I pulled him close for a kiss.

'Sex? But, it's Abby's turn, right?"

"She is the one offering, and I don't want to turn it down.  How about it?"

"But, it's her turn, it's Friday."

"Derrick we had sex when she first got home from work today.  It's really ok.  So, here? Or your old place?"

"My old place I think. Is that ok with you?"

"Yup!  Come on let's go tell Abby goodnight!"  I grabbed Derrick's hand and towed him back into the living room.  Pulling Abby up from the sofa, and into a three way embrace, getting kisses on the lips from me and many cheek kisses from Derrick.  We both wished her goodnight and were out the door.  I was determined that if I had anything to do about it, we were going to spend most of the night in each others arms.

Derrick opened the door, and barely got the key out of the lock before I slammed the door shut with my foot, and was pushing him backwards to the sofa.

He started chuckling saying, "Your not in any kind of a hurry here are you?  We have all night ya know."

"Yeah, and I for one do not intend to waste a moment of it."  I pushed him down on the sofa and I quickly moved to straddle Derrick's lap, pulled his shirt off, and started kissing him.  Light barely there kisses. A slight dragging of lips against the skin, somewhere between a kiss and a a caress.  Reaching his neck, I licked and nibbled up to the sensitive place right behind his ear.  Scrapping my teeth back down his throat so lightly it was almost as if a feather was stroking him, and then back up, coming teasingly close to the oh so sensitive place.  Derrick kept trying to lead me.  There was no leading me.  Running up so close!  And then maddeningly backing away.  And then a sneak attack, landing me right where Derrick wanted, causing his dick to twitch.  Licking and kissing, lightly sucking, rolling small folds of skin into and out of my lips.  Causing small gasps to hitch from his throat.  Derrick was so focused on his neck, that when my fingers landed on his nipples it took Derrick by surprise.  Lightly tugging, rotating the tender nubs between the pads of my fingers, Derrick involuntary humped up into me, a groan vibrating his throat. I pushed down and ground lightly on his dick.  Wrapping his hands around my waist he held me still as he ground up into me, moaning louder as the touch on his nipples went from light and almost teasing, to stronger and stronger.  Every tug, pull, pinch zinged right into his dick, jumping with the harder tweaks.  I pulled my lips from Derrick's neck, and before he could form words, began to work over the other side of his neck.  Derrick was pushing down harder on my waist, grinding harder into me.  I was beginning to moan, and was grinding back into Derrick.

I tore my lips from Derrick's neck, "I want you in me now."  Pulling myself off of his lap, and away from those soft lips, that warm neck, was torture, pure torture, but ohh I wanted so much more tonight than his sweet lips.  Holding our my hand to him, his dazed eyes took a minute to realize what it is I wanted.  Touching hands, I gripped harder and pulled him up off the sofa and into my arms.  Ohh, he felt so right in my arms, held tight against my chest, his arms wrapped around me tightly.  Standing there a few heartbeats wrapped securely in each others arms, just enjoying the contact, then his hand slipped down to cup my ass and pull me against him more firmly.  Grinding his dick into me felt so good.

Derrick pulled away from me and holding firmly onto my hand led me into his bedroom, stopping me at the end of his bed he slowly removed my clothing piece by piece, until I standing before him naked and hard.  He quickly pulled off his sweatpants, and sat down on the bed, pulling me back into his lap.  Straddling his lap again, he cupped my ass and whispered into my ear, "Ben, are you sure this is what you want?"

"Ohh, yes, gods yes, yes, yes!"

Laying back onto the bed and bringing me with him he continued to cup my ass, and he started to kneed it up and down, pulling the cheeks apart the cool air hitting my pucker, shocking me with how heated I was, the entire time we were kissing wet sloppy noisy kisses.
Slowly he pushed me off of him and rolled me over onto my stomach.  He started kissing his way down my back until he came to my ass crack.  Gently pulling my cheeks apart, he started running his tongue down my cleft until he hit my pucker causing me to buck up into him.  Moaning for him to continue, he started licking and tonguing my pucker, wet sloppy licks that cause me to twitch forward overtime his tongue passed over my oh so sensitive opening.  And then, he was gone, turning my head in befuddlement wondering why he had stopped, he was pulling out the lube and a condom.  Working his fingers into me, one after another, thick with lube, had me whimpering and moaning, wanting more more more.  Then I felt his fingers slowly pulling away from me, my ass following his fingers not wanting him to leave.  Then the blunt thick head of his dick was at my portal, and was slowly pushing in, oh glorious in!  He worked forward and then pulled out a bit, again and again until he was buried deeply with in me, stopping and resting against me, allowing me one last chance to adjust to him.  Feeling me relax the rest of the way he started pulling out, only stopping when he was at the head of his dick, and then slowly pushing back in, over an over.  Each time he pushed in he sped up a little faster, until he had a good rhythm going.  I was raising up into him on every stroke and then he stopped, and pulled out.

"Turn over, I want to kiss you."

I quickly flipped over, smiling he leaned in and kissed me long and sweetly.  Lifting his head up to look into my eyes, wanting to watch my expression as he impaled himself again into me in a smooth quick motion, leaning forward he began kissing me, as he picked up his pace from before.  It lasted for ever, it was only a split second, time lost all meaning, and then he was pulling away from my lips, his hips a blur, banging his pelvis into me harder and harder, faster and faster, moans flowing from both of us, until he stuttered and pushed hard hard into me, quivering and twitching.  Quickly putting my hand between us, grabbing my dick, only a stroke or two and then I was spurting whimpering my release.  Pulling my hand away from my dick, Derrick collapsed on my chest.  Laying there breathing hard, sweaty, and completely sated.