Break Free, chapter 2

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"Hey, did ya see that cute girl sitting on the grass yesterday?"  asked Morgan.

" Shit man, which one?   There are always loads of skirt hanging at the park, looking for a hookup."  Kevin hooted as he pumped his skate board harder to catch up to Morgan.

" She was tall, blonde and had great tits!  Hey, doofus, wait for me!"  Morgan swept his shaggy brown hair from his sweaty face.  "Shit, what is up with this weather?  It is way to early in the day to be this hot!"

"Doofus?  Did you really just call me doofus?  How old are you? Like 12?"

"Yeah, I totally slipped last night, and Dad about ripped me a new one.  He told me if I didn't keep a civil tongue in my mouth a summer job was in my future.  College kicked my ass, I need a slackfest summer before heading back to school."

"Job? That is rough man, rough.  Hey, ass-wipe, it is 2:30 in the afternoon.  How in the hell is that early?"  Kevin ran his hand over his burred head.  "Ditch all that hair like I did, it is so much cooler." No way would Kevin ever admit that the reason he kept his auburn hair so short is because he hated his curly hair.  Who on earth could manage to be cool with curly hair, auburn at that, and hazel eyes.  He looked exactly like what he was a truly nice guy.

"You cool?  Dude, only in your dreams are you cool."

They slowly skated thru the park looking for their friends.  Stopping now and then to chat with others, realizing that their friends were a no show.  Morgan was slowly melting from the heat.  He picked up his board and walked onto the grass and into the cooling shade from a large stand of trees.  Flopping his long lanky body onto his back, in the grass he let out a large sigh.  Kevin noticed how red Morgan's face was.

"Dude?  Ya don't look to good.  Well, that goes without saying.  But, I 'm saying you look like your gonna pass out.  Are you ok?"

"I feel like I have been hit by a truck.  My head feels all weird too."

"Hey, park here, I'll go pick up some water"  Kevin jumped on his board and took off.

Sitting further back in the shade sat Soah, watching Morgan and Kevin.  She was carefully listening to their conversation.   Book?  I think this is our chance to talk to him alone.  Slowly standing up, Soah quietly walked up to Morgan, who was still laying on the grass with his eyes closed.

"You look thirsty, would you like some water?  It is still kinda frozen, so the water is really cold." She held the unopened bottle out to him.

Morgan cracked open his summer sky blue eyes and looked up at Soah.  He saw a girl with black wavy hair cut really short, and grey eyes.  "Thanks, the heat is really stomping my ass today." He sat up, took the water, and started drinking.

"Hey, don't drink that to fast, it will give you a brain freeze!  Put the bottle on your wrists it will help cool you down."

"Sit, sit, don't make me look up at you.  Do you skate?"   Morgan flashed a smile up a Soah.  When he decided to turn on the charm, there was no female that could with stand the force of his personality, at least that he had yet met.  Soah seemed to be immune to his charm, humm, that was interesting.

"No.  I just like to watch."  Soah very slowly sat down, looking at him from the corner of her eyes.  Panic was boiling her brain dry.  Knowing she needed to make eye contact to make this work, but terrified of making this work.  Trying to buy some time, until she could think of something to say that would interest him, she pulled another water bottle from her bag and started drinking.  Book!  Help me not to blow this!

Morgan watched her sit down and start to drink.  She seemed like any extra movement from him would send her off like a rocket.   For some reason she refused to meet his eyes.  She sat looking down at the grass, like it held all the answers to all of the questions, and the answer was not 42.

"Oh, I'm Morgan, what's your name?"  Hoping that introducing himself would make her look up at him, but it didn't work.

"Soah."  Her answer was so soft he wasn't sure he heard her correctly, giving him an idea.

" Hey Sarah, your ice water is making me feel much better.  Thanks."

"No, it is Soah.  My name is Soah, not Sarah.  It's a weird name, everyone gets it wrong."  As she said this she lifted her head and looked into Morgan's eyes.

"Man I am so sorry that I got your name wrong!  Soah, huh?  I've never heard it before, but it is kinda a cool name."  Looking into her gray eyes, Morgan saw eyes that looked sad, and something else he just couldn't put his finger on.

Kevin came rushing up on his board, loaded with several bags from the convenience store.  Kicking up his board to land in the grass he ran up to Morgan.  "Dude, sorry it took like forever, the store was packed.  Here have some water and I got some ice cups."  Kevin noticed Soah then as she got up to leave.

"Soah, where are you running off to?  Park yourself back down girl.  Kevin is cool, right Kevin?"  Opening another bottle of water and pouring it into one of the ice cups, he watched Soah freeze for a moment and then carefully sit down.

"I have been telling you for years that I am the coolest dude ever.  Glad to see that you finally are admitting it!"  Kevin laughed loudly and handed Soah a bottle of water.  "Do you want one of the ice cups?"

"Ice cups?  I don't know what you are talking about."  Kevin moved so quickly and was loud, everything that scared Soah.

"Oh, that is just what we call them.  It is plastic cups filled with ice, and then wrapped."  Before Soah could answer him, Kevin's phone started ringing.   "Hey!  It's Dave."

"Dave, what in the hell has been so important you have been blowing us off?"

"Where are you?"

"At the skate park with Morgan, why?"

"Be there in 10."

Dropping his phone back in his pocket, Kevin sighed and said, "I hate it when he just drops under the radar like that.  I wonder what his excuse will be this time?"

"You don't you think he has been telling us the truth every other time?" Morgan poured another water into a new ice cup and started to drink.

"Umm, no I don't.  In fact I know he lies to everyone ..... but me...."

Pulling his phone from his pocket, Kevin quickly dialed, saying into the phone,  "Shit, I can't keep this up any longer, no more lies, ok?  You are going to tell Morgan the truth today." And hung up the phone.

Morgan looked up at Kevin who was quickly pacing back and forth.  He had never seen Kevin so nervous, ever.  Taking a big drink Morgan quietly said to Kevin, "Are you two finally going to tell me that you two are a couple?"

"Fuck!  How long have you known?  Do all the guys know?"  Kevin sank onto the grass, face white and strained.

"I have been your friend since the 3rd grade dude.  I know your sorry ass inside and out.  Whoa, wrong choice of words there!  Anyway, no, only I know. And I have known for a long time about Dave.  Probably from not long after you two got together.  Why do you feel the need to keep this a secret anyway?  We have all known like forever that you were gay, and we all were fine with it."

"Do you remember when I told all of them?  They are said they were cool with it, but they didn't want to "see" me being gay.  No bringing boyfriends with, no talking about who I thought was cute, or who was my crush of the week, and no sex talk allowed, ever.  Remember?"

"Yeah, I do remember, clearly.  I also remember telling you on the way home from school that day, that you could tell me anything.  You stopped talking to me about anything important after that.  And if you think about it, for a long while I did try to make you talk to me.  You stonewalled me, not the other way around."

Dave came walking up the sidewalk looking relaxed and happy until he saw Kevin's face.  "Kev?  What's wrong?  Are you alright?"  He sat on the grass next to Kevin.

Kevin reached over and took Dave's hand, "Morgan knows, we were not as quiet about this as we thought."

"Sigh....  There was never, ever a sign or a hint or anything that THEY could see.  I have known this doofus like forever, and suddenly he was happy all the time.  Almost glowingly happy.  The only thing the other guys said, is that you must be getting it regular, and hoped to God they did not have to met your boyfriend.  The only problem that I have, is that you did not trust me enough to tell me.  We hang with the other guys all the time, but it is different with you and me, we are best friends. You not telling me hurt, ya know?"

"Kev wanted to tell you!  I begged him not to.  Umm, I was afraid you would look at me different if you knew about us."

" Dave you are a fucktard!  If I didn't care if Kev was gay, why would I have a problem with him having a boyfriend?  You knew how much closer we were to each other than with that pile of hormones we hang with."

"God, I am so sorry Morgan.  I should have listened to Kev, he was right."  Dave's stomach started rumbling loudly.  "Damn I am starving, is anyone else hungry?"

"How does Food Circus sound?  Soah, would you like to come with us?"  Morgan looked at Soah.  Until that moment Dave hadn't even noticed her.  "Oh, hey Dave this is Soah.  She was my angel of mercy and gave me some water."

"Hey!  I brought you water and ice!  Way to diss me dude."

"No diss.  You are my best bud, fact.  But, in my world angels of mercy are always girls.  Just deal with it.  Now, I bet if you asked really nicely, you could be Dave's angel of mercy.  Soah, ya wanna come with?"

Dave and Kevin both looked at Morgan with surprise.  He never asked a girl to go anywhere twice, ever.  Morgan attracted girls like flies to a picnic, and if one turned him down, a rare occasion to be sure, he just asked another.  He never dated any of them very long, said they were all boring.   Morgan always dated the same type.  Tallish, long hair, large tits, empty head, little if any personality.   Dave took a longer look at Soah.  For some reason she reminded him of an elf.  Tiny, with long arms and legs, short body, very small tits, and short hair.

"What do ya say?  Ya coming with us Soah?"

"Are you sure you want me to come?"  Soah was torn between running and going with them.  "I.. I think that maybe I should just go.  It sounds like you have somethings to talk over."

"Oh just shut it, and come on with us!  If I didn't want you along, I wouldn't have asked!  Sheesh!   If you don't wanna come, just be honest and say so!"  Morgan was really worked up, Kevin had never seen him care about if a girl came along or not, ever!

"Sure, I'll come.  Just.... please don't yell at me, please?"  Soah said this softly looking down at the grass slightly cringing away from Morgan.  Soah was on the verge of running and never coming back to the skate park.  Why was he yelling at me?  Book!!!  What did I do to make him yell at me?  Do I go with them like I said, or just jump up and leave?

"Soah, I'm Dave.  Just ignore this neanderthal.  We have be trying to train him for years, with no luck.   You wouldn't happen to be a neanderthal trainer would you?  Kev and I would like you to come with us.  Right Kev?"

"Hell yes!  Let's go, my stomach thinks my throat has been cut!"  Kevin jumped up stepped over and held out a hand to help Soah up.  Soah looked up at Kevin and carefully held out her hand for him.  Kevin very slowly and carefully pulled her up.  As they walked to Dave's car, Soah trailed ever so slightly behind.

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