Break Free Chapter 4

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Kevin watched Morgan skate down the sidewalk, and slowly shut the front door.  "Dad?  Where you at?"  Kevin heard his dad laugh from the kitchen, and followed the happy sound.  "Do you have any aspirins?  Dave has a killer headache, and I seem to be out."

"Yeah, I should have some.  Look in the cabinet in my bathroom."  George filled a glass with cold water from the fridge and handed it to Kevin.  "How are you doing with all of this?  Will you really be fine if all of your friends dump you and Dave?"

"I can't explain it, even to me, but it was just like, Bam!  I suddenly don't give a flying fuck any more about them.  I feel.... free, of their...of their...well ownership of me.  Damn dad, do you know how many hours I have spend thinking about what it would be like for Dave and me to live together?  I know we will argue about stupid stuff, but at the bottom of it, to finally find out how we will work as a couple.  I want that closeness, just the two of us, together when we shut the door on the world."  Kevin smiled at his dad, "Gotta get those aspirins to Dave dad, he feels like crap."

"Dave, sit up.  I have your aspirins."  Handing off the medicine and water to Dave, Kevin closed the blinds and drapes, plunging the room into a restful twilight.  "Strip down and get in the bed, I think a nap will help."

Dave nodded his head slightly and stripped down and got into Kevin's bed. "Will you lay down with me? Please?  I don't want to be alone."

Kevin pulled his clothes off, and slid into bed next to Dave.  "Do you want to cuddle?"  He gently pulled Dave into his arms and rubbed his back and lightly kissed the top of his head.  "Sleep for a while, I will stay here with you, ok?"  Dave got comfortable against Kevin's chest, and drifted off to sleep.  Some time later, Kevin joined him in sleep.

George stood in the hallway looking in at the two boys sleeping.  "It seems like just yesterday that I was kissing his boo-boos and holding his hand to cross the street.  Oh, they grow up so fast, and before you know it, they turn into adults.  I think he choose a good guy to love.  Life is so much easier when you are not alone."  Giving that last bit of his thinking some harder thought, George walked into the living room and picked up the phone.  "Cami?  Hi, this is George.  Do you have dinner plans? No?  Great!  How about at 7?  Kevin and his boyfriend, Dave will be joining us.  Where?  Umm, how about the Shrimp Shack?  We will pick you up at 7.  See you then, bye."  Smiling, George hung up the phone.

Cami Winston looked in the full length mirror and sighed.  "It was a good thing that George liked substance over style, because there is about 15 pounds of extra substance looking back at me."  Cami picked her purse up, and walked to the living room to wait for the guys.  "Does it mean anything that at long last I get to meet Kevin?  And that Kevin is bringing Dave?"  Cami heard a car pull up in front of her condo and looked out the window. "It's George, and two boys, err, young men."  Kevin didn't have George's curly strawberry blonde hair, his was more of a rich auburn, but they shared the same face and stocky build.  Dave was as tall as Kevin, but of a thinner leaner build, with black hair.  She ran to open the door before they could ring the bell.

"Hi Cami!"  George gave her a quick hug and kiss.  "This is my son, Kevin."  He waited for them to shake hands, before introducing Kevin.  "David Li, this is Cami Winston."

Cami shook hands with Kevin, and saw that he had the same open friendly face his dad showed the world.  Dave had the darkest brown eyes she had ever seen, so dark you couldn't see the pupils, and a very sweet smile.

"Nice to meet you Ms. Winston. My dad has told me a lot about you."  Kevin smiled a deep and true smile to Cami, letting her know that he approved of her being with his dad.

"Please call me Cami.  And now I am worried what he has told you about me!  He talks about you all the time.  We are going to have to get together and compare notes." Her eyes twinkled up at him.  "Dave I am so glad to meet you.  George speaks so well of you, almost as if he has two sons."  

"Well, if we want to keep our table we need to shake a leg."  George herded them to the car.

Cami looked up from her menu and noticed Kevin wiping tears from Dave's face.  Kevin was holding his hand and whispering to him gently.  Looking over at George she saw a sad look on his face also.  "What is wrong?  Is there anything I can do?"  She opened her purse and handed over a pack of kleenex to Dave.

"I'm really sorry, the tears won't quit.  I just can't stop thinking about Soah.  George, err dad, can we do anything to help her?  Honestly?  Can we save her?  I keep thinking if it was one of my sisters I would want someone to help them."

"Dave I plan to do everything I can to help her.  I don't plan on her staying one minute longer than I can help it.  But, unless we come up against a wall, I want to do this by the book.  But, if all legal roads close, we will just take her.  She will not remain with those people!"  George looked at the confused look on Cami's face, and took her hand.  "I don't think Dave can stand hearing it again.  I'll fill you in later."

"Come on Dave lets run some cold water on your face, and take a walk.  Dad order us what we usually get.  And while we are gone, please fill Cami in.  Just make sure you are done before we come back."  He tugged Dave out of the booth, and led him away.

"Dave is very gentle, and this is killing him.  Kevin is also very upset, but right now he is so concerned about helping Dave cope with this.  What I have to tell you is not pretty."  George quickly gave Cami the whole story.  When he was done, Cami had tears running down her face.  "Here come the boys, we need to find a happier topic."

"Let me out of the booth a minute George."  Cami waited for the boys to get back to the table, and took Dave in her arms for a hug, and kissed his cheek.  "I will help George do everything possible to help this girl, I promise."  She then turned and kissed Kevin and gave him a hug.  "My best friend from college, his wife is a social worker, do you want me to call them?  Maybe they could help map out a plan of action?"

"I have called Tom Briggs, that lawyer friend of mine.  He mostly works in family court.  But, the more brains working on this the better."  George reached across the table and held Dave's hand, and then took Kevin's hand, holding both of their hands and lightly squeezing them.  "I think it would be good for us to try to change the subject a while.  Let our emotions calm down.  Thinking will be easier, if we give our brains time to sort through things.  I know it seems cold and heartless, but if we don't take care of us, we will not be able to help Soah."

Kevin drew in a shaky breath, showing just how close he was to loosing control of his emotions, "Sure dad, let's give it a try."  Putting his arm around Dave, and showing his dad a weak smile, "How about if we talk about moving to our new apartment?  Does that sound good, Dave?"

"Yeah, sure.  If you want we can stop by on the way home and see it.  Kev hasn't even seen it yet.  Dad gave me the key today when he showed me through around.  It needs cleaning, no one has lived there for about 5 years, and it is filthy.  While it is structurally sound, it is very run down.  Needs painting, new flooring, new kitchen appliances and the bath needs a major overhaul, he is going to foot the bill for all of this.  Still want to move in tonight, Kev?"  Dave smiled at Kevin, a weak watery smile, but still a smile from his heart.

"And listen to you sneeze all night?  Nope!  Dust is your kryptonite dude, and you know it."  A blinding smile lit up Kevin's face, "Morgan and Soah could help me clean and paint!  That would give her a good reason to hang with us.  Should we pay them, ya know, just to keep it real?"

Just as George is opening his mouth to answer the server arrives with their food.  After the flurry of food related activity has died down, George gets a chance to answer Kevin, "That is a great idea!  I think a job would make the whole thing more legit.  Call Morgan first thing in the morning, and clue him in."

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