A New Path, chapter 10, Barbarian Special

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Unable to get enough of each other, Derrick and I reached again and again for each other, until ultimately exhaustion won and we slipped into sleep nestled tightly together.  Some unknown time later, I pulled slowly, reluctantly awake.  Drifting between wakefulness and sleep, trying to figure out what woke me up.  It felt so good to be cuddled between Abby and Derrick…… Abby!!

Coming awake instantly, and quickly rolling over, to see Abby sound asleep on her stomach.  What on earth was Abby doing here?

"Abby!  Abby!  Wake up!" I hissed at her trying not to wake Derrick.

Groggily Abby smiled up at me, "……oh hi honey……sleepy…"

I saw that she was drifting back into sleep again.  Shaking her lightly, "Abby! Wake up!"

Blinking at me, getting yet another dopy smile from her, "Shh!  You'll wake Derrick!  Go back to sleep."

At that point I just gave up.  Things I'm sure would get cleared up in the morning, and besides  I was so sleepy.  Nestling down between them both, I drifted back to sleep.

Drifting in the warm and liquid place between sleep and wakefulness, aware of Derrick's warm body next to mine, the soft pillow under my head, and a languid feeling of contentment.  Washing into a slightly more alert place, last nights sex came flowing thru my mind.  No, that's not right, not cold and heartless sex, it was lovemaking.  We made love to each other, I cared only for his enjoyment, his feelings, feeding only his desires.  My only desire was to please him, to pleasure him, trying so hard to put my love for him into a physical language rather than tricky words.

Remembering Abby suddenly, I quickly rolled over, expecting to see her peacefully sleeping, but she wasn't there.  Getting up, I roamed around the apartment looking for her.  Opening the curtains, searching for her car in our slot, no not there either.  Throughly confused I went back to bed, and cuddled up against Derrick, and went over what little I remembered about this morning.  After spending many minutes pulling ideas around in my head, I did the only thing that to me made any sense, I smelled the extra pillow and bed for her distinctive scent.  As I was trying to catch a hint of her scent, Derrick woke up, giving me a puzzled look. Quickly explaining why I was smelling the bedding, he started to chuckle.

"You were dreaming plain and simple.  Yesterday when you woke up cuddled in-between us was the happiest you have been in a very long time, right?"

"Oh yeah, best night sleep since I don't remember when.  Waking up was…. heavenly."

"Well guess what?  I enjoyed it too.  Umm, Ben I need to talk to you about something, ok?"

Now he had my full attention!  Scooting around to get a better look at him, he shook his head and rolled my back against his chest, pulling me tightly against him.

"This will be easier to talk about if you can't look at me.  I think, um that I'm falling in love with Abby.  And honestly, I couldn't be more confused."

"Derrick? That's what I want, is for you to love her, and for her to love you."

"Ah, ok.  You aren't jealous?"

"No, not at all.  Besides how hypercritical would that make me?"

"Yeah, but still.  Saying something is easier than seeing it."

"You're right, it's easy to talk about ideas, but harder to live them.  Oh!  What are you confused about?"

"My feelings towards Abby.  I don't understand them at all."

"Huh?  I'm lost here, what do you mean?"

"I know that I love her, just not yet how I love her."

"Oh!  I see now, ok.  You don't know if you love her like a sister or a lover, right?"


"Don't let it worry you.  S'all good."

"You're right, since I've met you, it's all been good."

After a quick shower and breakfast, I started assembling his old flattened moving boxes for Derrick to fill.  Quickly finishing up the kitchen, we moved onto the living room.  As I was packing his XboX, games and controllers into boxes, Derrick was taking apart his computer system carefully putting them back into the original boxes.

"What should I do with the computer desk?  Is there room for it?  Or should I just sell everything and buy a lap top?"

"Well, there's room enough in the office for your desk, or it could go in the guest bedroom.  It's up to you."

"Ok.  I'll put it in the office then.  Will it be ok with Abby?"

"Like she cares, it's my office.  She has a lap top and mostly uses it in the living room."

When Derrick didn't answer me, I looked up at him.  He had not only fallen quiet, he had stopped packing and was just standing there with a vacant look in his eyes.  Concerned I called out to him, "Derrick? Are you ok?"

A lost and bewildered gaze met mine, "What am I doing?  Oh, what in the hell was I thinking?"  Derrick stumbled back and collapsed into his desk chair, leaning over with his head in his hands.  "What have I done?"

Quickly moving to Derrick's side, I knelt beside him, gently stroking his back.  "Talk to me baby, please!  What happened?"

Without moving his head from his hands he answered me, " We have known each other a week, only a week!  And I am packing up and moving in with you?  Does that even sound reasonable to you?  That's not even the half of it, I'm moving in with a guy that is married!  Married!  What is wrong with me?  I can't do this!  I just can't!  It's just to soon!  Oh shit, what am I doing?"

His shoulders started shaking, and I knew he had begun to cry.  Moving around in front of him, I pushed in between his legs, and forced his head up and onto my shoulder. Throwing his arms around me tightly, he hung on as his tears wracked his body, his grief completely overwhelming him.  I hugged him tight against me, rubbing his back, and rocking him back and forth, making those nonsensical noises we all make when trying to comfort someone.  Slowly, in fits and stalls, his tears ran their course and began to run dry.  As his tears began to slow he gripped me in his arms even tighter, as if I was the only thing in the world to keep him from being blown away to parts unknown.  I increased the pressure of my arms as well, holding him as tightly as he was holding me, hoping to make him feel secure and safe.

"Baby? You don't have to move in with us today, ok?  We can take this as slowly as you need.   I never should have pushed you so hard, that was me being inconsiderate, and I'm very very sorry.  I just love you so much, that I never really stopped to think of you.  That sounds ridiculous, but I didn't want to take the chance of losing you, and by pushing you to fast I almost did.  Will you forgive me, please?"

"You haven't lost me, I do still love you.  I just really need to slow things down, ok?  I need some space to get my bearings, to figure things out.  The last relationship almost broke me, I…..I just need some time, do you understand?  And there is nothing to forgive, you did nothing wrong."

I don't know how long we stayed clinched together, holding on to each other as if we were afraid of what would happen if we let go.  Finally the pain in my knees reached a point where I couldn't ignore it any longer.

Murmuring against Derrick's thick black hair, "Baby, I need to move, my knees are killing me.  Come on, let's go cuddle on the sofa, ok?"


Climbing stiffly to my feet, my knees screaming at me, I lead Derrick to the sofa and into my arms again.  Cuddled up tight against each other, a calm silence fell over us, a warm embracing quiet that reassured us both.  Only the fading daylight and tummy rumblings told us that hours had passed while we cuddled and lightly kissed each other.  Not with lust or sex in mind, but more so to show love and acceptance and care for each other.

"I think we both need to eat, huh?"  After a particularly loud rumble echoed around my insides.  "How about we call Abby, and have her meet us somewhere?"

"That sounds wonderful, both to Abby and dinner.  How come she hasn't called today?"

"I don't know, now there's a good question.  Let's call her."

Shifting around until my fingers could grab my phone from my pocket, I flipped it open, and dialed.  It rang a few times, before a breathless Abby answered.

"Ben!  Sorry I haven't called today.  Mom called me and needed some help, and before I knew it the day was almost gone!  I just got back to the house and was surprised at the lack of boxes.  What's going on?"

"Long story, and we would rather tell you in person.  Are you hungry?"

"Starved!  What sounds good to you to boys?"

"I don't know, let me ask Derrick what he wants."

"Umm, someplace very casual with huge portions!"  A hint of his usually happy self, peeked out with a small grin.

"Ok honey, how about either the Shrimp Shack or Chena Pizza?", I asked Abby.

"Ah!  Now how am I to choose between fried shrimp and pizza?"

"Ok, I've got a great idea.  You swing by the video store and pick up some movies and then head on over to the Shrimp Shack and  load up on shrimp, fish and salads, we will swing by and grab pizza and beer, and ice cream.  We will snuggle and eat and watch videos and discuss our day.  Sound like a plan there wife?"

"Awesome!  Is there anything bottomless pit won't eat?  What kind of movies should I get?"

"So, Mr. Bottomless Pit, is there anything at the Shrimp Shack you won't eat?"

"I've never been there, but I do like most fish, especially fried!"

"Ok, a fellow barbarian!"  Which got him a quick kiss on his nose.  "Any ideas on what kind of movies you would like to watch?"

"Not really, just something happy, nothing sad, yeah?"


"Ok, he will eat anything as long as it's breaded and fried, and we both need happy movies, nothing sad.  Sound good?"

"Super!  See ya soon!"

"Love ya wife of my heart."

"I love you too. Bye bye"


While Derrick ordered the pizzas I started unpacking.  We had enough time to get almost everything unpacked and back where it belonged before it was time to go pick up the pizzas, and the beer. A quick discussion in the ice cream aisle, led to two flavors and many toppings and even a package of ice cream cones.

As we entered the house, Derrick called out, "Honey!!  We're home!"

"Good!  I'm starved!  What kind of pizza did you bring?"

"One with sausage, black olives, onions and peppers, one meat lovers, and one chicken mushroom spinach, just for you!"

"Yay!!  My favorite!"

"So, what goodies did you get wife?"

"Ohh, I picked up the barbarian special!"  Abby giggled saying, "Fried shrimp, fried catfish, fried halibut, cole slaw, corn on the cob and green beans."

 Ben looked at both Abby and Derrick and asked, "How about we relax in the living room and eat while we watch movies?"

"Sounds perfect!  What about you Derrick?  Wanna cuddle on the sofa and watch videos and eat?"

"Yes to cuddling, yes to eating, and what was the other thing you mentioned?"

Gales of laughter followed them into the kitchen where the ice cream was put away and plates and a forks and piles of napkins were grabbed.

As Derrick was pulling the beer out of the cartons and stowing most of it in the fridge he asked, "Abby? Do you want a beer?"

"Yeah, nothing is better with pizza than beer."


Sitting all snuggly close on the sofa eating and laughing at the very funny comedies Abby had brought home was pure heaven, and as soothing as a balm on our earlier emotional day.  Between movies Derrick took a load of plates to the kitchen on his way to the bathroom.

Abby hearing the bathroom door shut turned quickly to me, "Ben? Why are there no boxes?  It looked like Derrick had been crying earlier?  What's going on?"

Quickly filling her in on Derrick's break down, Abby's face registered shock and pity for his hurt and battered heart and soul.  Just when Abby opened her mouth to say something, we heard the bathroom door open so the topic was stored until later on.  Derrick came back to the living room yawning, and plopped down on the sofa snuggled between Abby and me.  Within minutes I saw the times between blinks become longer and longer, until his head found my shoulder.

"Come on baby, let's go to bed, ok?"

"………..m'kay…… kinda tired."

Abby and I grinned at each other at him saying he was only kinda tired.  Quickly putting the leftovers away, and leaving the dishes for tomorrow we followed Derrick to bed.  He was already on his side of the bed sound asleep.  I brushed my teeth and was in the act of pulling on clean boxers when the question of what Derrick was wearing occurred to me.  I saw his clothing folded on the chair and his boxers were on top of the pile.  Carefully lifting the covers and peering underneath I saw that yuppers he was naked.  Well that will make for some interesting entertainment in the morning when he awakens and finds he is naked with Abby in the room!  Feeling rather daring and devilish, I pulled off my boxers and folded them up placing them back in their drawer, quickly getting into bed before Abby got finished in the bathroom.

Abby came out of the bathroom wearing her peach pj's which really made her dark hair gleam with reflected highlights, she is such a pretty woman, why she ever picked me to fall in love with is beyond me.  Turning out the bathroom lights, and pulling the door partially shut to keep the glow of the nightlight from shining in our eyes, she padded to the bed and pulled the covers back and pulled off her bracelets and earrings, and then slid into bed, snuggling into my chest.  Just as Abby finished wiggling around and getting comfortable, Derrick heaved a large sigh and rolled up against my back, his soft cock nestling against my ass, throwing his arm over both Abby and me.  Breathing a sigh of contentment, I quickly drifted off to sleep.

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lmao I love the way you describe food into your stories! I really am feeling for Derrick. Waiting to see how he conects to Abbey later down the line.... Wondering how Ben is going to cope , until Derrick comes to terms with these relationships...The Days of Our Lifes lol .... got me hooked ...